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Stem Cell Treatment for Dementia

Dementia is often related to memory loss, but it is more than that. In simple words, Dementia is defined as the disability to perform two or more functions of the brain at the same time, without hampering any functioning including memory, language, judgment, reasoning and more. Nowadays, it has been observed that a lot of patients are suffering from dementia and the most common symptom is memory loss.

Some of the Common Symptoms Are:-

Hallucinations Agitation Unexpected emotional behaviors Personality change Orientation issues in perception, memory, and language Problems in communication, planning and organizing things Paranoia Loss of reasoning and cognitive skills Memory loss

All these symptoms reflect the critical effects of the Dementia. It has been observed that the patients look very normal, but the mental condition of these patients is highly affected. Sometimes the patients suffering from Dementia don’t understand what they are doing.

Though the reasons of Dementia are still not clear, any kind of injury to the brain cells is considered as the main reason of Dementia. These injuries hamper the flow of neural signals to the brain, and hence the overall functioning of the brain is affected.

Apart from injuries, nutritional deficiency, metabolic disorders, immune disorders, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disorder,etc. also contribute to the development of Dementia in the human brain. Basically, Dementia is classified into different categories on the basis of its intensity in the patients: –

Cortical Dementia –

As per the name, this kind of Dementia has an extreme effect on the cortex of the brain. The inner layers of the brain are not affected by this Cortical Dementia.

Sub-Cortical Dementia –

In this type of case, only the lower part of the cortex is affected while the other part of the cortex remains unaffected.

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Progressive Dementia –

This is considered as the serious case of Dementia as it worsens with time. It mainly hampers the cognitive and communication skills. This case is mainly observed in the patients suffering from Alzheimer.

Primary and Secondary Dementia –

These cases are mainly seen due to any kind of injuries to the brain cells.

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To improve the symptoms of Dementia, various drugs like Reminyl, Exelon, Aricept, Cognex are used in many countries. But these drug treatments only last for some time, and again the same symptoms are seen in the patients. To enhance the efficiency of the treatment, an innovative minimally invasive approach of stem cell therapy was introduced by the doctors.

NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute is the first hospital in India to introduce Dementia stem cell treatment. It provides a promising stem cell treatment that gives noteworthy results. The stem cell treatment mainly targets the damaged parts of the brain.

The stem cells derived from the bone marrow provide various supportive substances, growth factors, neurotrophins, etc. to repair the damage in the brain. The stem cells support the metabolic activities, angiogenesis, neuroprotection, etc. to enhance the thinking and communicating abilities of the dementia patients.


NGBSI has treated several patients with the help of dementia stem cell treatment. It also provides various rehabilitation programs such as speech therapies and psychological therapies to the patients in order to recover their mental stability after the treatment.