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The medical term Colposcopy comprises of two basic terminologies Kolpos which means hollow womb or vagina and skopos which means to perceive at. Actually, this is a new reframed word which has been taken from the ancient Greek dictionary. The medical diagnostic technique which involves an examination of the lightened up and exaggerated view of the cervix and the vaginal tissues and that of the vulva. Through the scrutiny the surgeon ties to identify the radiant lesions and also the malicious lesions in the particular areas where they are located and visible too. The device which helps in the examination procedure is referred to as colposcope and it provides a better enlarged view of these areas. Usually the specialist person who conducts Colposcopy is known as Colposcopist. He has to minutely differentiate between the affected and the unaffected tissues and based on the results he can take the biopsy for further assessment. According to him, the procedure chiefly protects from cervical cancer by detecting the precancerous cells in the earlier stages and thus the treatment can begin thereafter. Initially, it was the German physician Hans Hinselmann who is said to develop this technique in the year 1925 along with the assistance of Helmut Wirths. Like Laparoscope, the colposcope too has a camera attached to it which helps in the proper scrutiny and evidence collection especially in the case of women who have been raped or sexually assaulted. 

Some more reasons can be cited as to why a patient needs to go through Colposcopy in Kolkata. It can be any further assessment to detect the cytological abnormality on their pap smears. Others signs or signals for colposcopy includes examination of diethylstilbestrol (DES) in the uterus, to see whether the patient is affected by HIV virus infection or patients whose organ has been transplanted. To view the presence of an atypical cervix and to investigate whether the victim has been raped or not. As the patient is being scrutinized, her medical history is also examined side by side. It may involve the process of gravidity which means how many has she become pregnant and also parity meaning the number of babies she has delivered before. Through this process, they also want to know when she last menstrual period, the usage of contraceptive pills, was whether she is allergic to something, her past medications and if she is addicted to smoking. However in a few cases she might have to go through the pregnancy test which is usually conducted in advance. She has to answer to all the queries and also sign a consent form. The binocular microscope attached to the coloscope is available in three basic ranges which are used for different examination purposes. They are low medium and high.

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The Cervical cancer basically originates from the cervix uteri. It is an evil neoplasm whose early signs indicate abnormal bleeding in the vagina. There may be some other symptoms as well which is visible only during the advanced stages of the cancer. The treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy and also radiotherapy. But as fare as Cervical Cancer Screening in Kolkata is concerned, it involves identification of precancerous cervical cells by using the Pap smear.

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